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All of the rosters, practice schedules, and game schedules are posted.  If you do not know your team name, please reach out to Patrick Fitzgerald ([email protected]) .  If you know your team name, you can get your coach's name and all schedule information on the HYR Baseball page.  

Coaches and Practice Schedule:
Many thanks to our volunteer coaches, and I'll make 2 small caveats:  
1. Some teams will have coach by committee of assistant coaches. 
2. Since baseball has three complicated motions that are not all intuitive, (throwing, hitting, and catching with a glove) baseball needs a lot of parents at practices especially to be willing to jump in and help keep the wheels greased. (Meaning everyone is an assistant coach). 

The season begins with practices the week of  May 6th. HYR Baseball and T-ball have one practice per week on a week night at 6 PM.  Although HYR Practices are scheduled to be one hour, there are no schedule conflicts if a team wants to practice longer.  Most Practices will be at Highland Middle School.  During the first couple weeks of the season, some practices will be relocated due to a conflict with the middle school soccer tournament. 
Coach List and Practice Schedule

Game Schedule

There will be one game each Saturday from May 11 through June 29th.  All games are at Highland Middle School. The Game schedule is below. 
2019 HYR Baseball Game Schedule

Here is a link to the Map of Highland Middle School

2019 HYR Team Logos
We carried some of the themes forward from 2019 Spring Soccer.
DIvision 1 is types of birds: Kingfishers and Sandpipers. 
Division 2 is odd modes of transportation: Catamarans, Longboards, RIchshaws, and Trolleys. 
Division 3 is Natural phenomena: Geysers, Gulleywashers, Quicksand, and Vortex. 
Division 4 is professions: Dogcatchers. 
(Because we will be trying a new shirt design in the fall,  we had to use some logos not used this spring that contain soccer balls, so sorry for the branding problem on some shirts.)
2019 HYR Baseball Team Logos

Here is a link to some T-Ball and baseball practice drills

Division 1 T-Ball (Age 5-6) Rules
D1 Rules

Division 2 Baseball (Age 6-7) Rules
D2 Rules

Division 3 Baseball (Age 8-10) Rules
D3 Rules

Division 4 Baseball (Age 11-14) Rules
D4 Rules

All the player needs to provide is a baseball glove that fits them.  HYR provides a shirt and a baseball cap that players receive on opening day.  Players can wear tennis shoes or cleats.  The older they get, cleats become a performance enhancement.  Soccer cleats are fine.  HYR has a bin with recycled cleats we will bring to the field on game days in case you want to check for a pair that fits your player.  Most kids wear shorts, and there tends not to be a ton of sliding into bases.  It is cool when kids bring their own baseball pants, but they are the exception, not the rule. 

All HYR T-Ball and Baseball divisions are co-ed. 

The divisions are:
Division 1: 5 year old T-Ball
Division 2: 6 and 7 year old coach pitch baseball. 
Division 3: 8 and 9 year old coach or machine pitch baseball.
Division 4: 10 through 12 year old coach or machine pitch baseball.

The HYR season fees include a shirt, baseball cap, a team picture and an award. 

Call Patrick Fitzgerald at 502.671.9701 with questions. 

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