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Louisville Orchestra and HYR

Since the Louisville Orchestra Quintet had to cancel their performance at the HYR fields on October 12th, they are offering  HYR players and families free tickets to a family friendly orchestra event called Teddy's Souncheck.  The concert features music by Copeland, Barber, Beethoven, and more.  The concert is Saturday, November 2nd at 8:00 PM at the new Paristown Hall.   It is about 70 minutes long and features accessible seating.  

For your free tickets, please sign up with your name and number of tickets requested Here.

For more event details, click HERE.

Back Story

In the spring of 2019, the theme for team names in division 5 and division 6 was "professions".  Division 5 had teams called the Engineers, the Teachers, the Mechanics, the Chefs, the Comics, the Cosmonauts, the Pilots, and the Surgeons.  When I put up the survey, enough people voted for the Conductors as a team name that it made the cut.  I think a lot of people were thinking train conductor, but I knew it was going to be an orchestra conductor.  At first, I started looking up pictures of famed conductor Leopold Stokowski who many people know through Disney's original 1940 movie Fantasia. Then it or course occurred to me that there is no need to look far away or long ago when the here and now is already pretty great.  So we based the team shirt on a Louisville Orchestra promotional photo of conductor Teddy Abrams. 


At the end of the spring season, I dropped off a team t-shirt and a copy of the team picture featured below to the Louisville Orchestra office. The Conductors were a group of about 35 teen aged kids from HYR, about half of whom came to us through our connection with Kentucky Refugee Ministries.  Since we have players hold up the flag in the pictures of the county of their heritage, that team always appears to be and usually is the most diverse team at HYR. 

This fall, a Louisville Orchestra staff member contacted me and asked if they could send a brass quintet out to the HYR fields and perform at a conductors game.  I explained that the conductors is a team name from last spring, and that the older kids are now the Hustlin Hickories... and wait, what?  Yes or course you can come out to play for our hundreds of HYR kids.  So we kicked around ideas and tweaked them a bit, and we figured out a plan for a quartet to come play at HYR around 11 AM on October 12th. We even talked them into playing that international soccer anthem "Seven Nations Army" (Originally by the White Stripes.)   But alas, the weather was too cold for them to come out that morning, so we have them come to an HYR game another time.  

To see the story of just how that became the international soccer anthem, click the link below. 

7 Nations Army Soccer Story

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