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What is the Deal with HYR T-Shirts?

Since 2017, HYR team names have been an attempt to be fun, sometimes goofy, sometimes educational, and hopefully not boring.  We also try extremely hard not to have team names that are the same as a professional team (meaning boring).  We have not repeated a team name in over 7 years.  The team themes might range from insects to trees to herbs and spices to Broadway musicals and beyond.    So we often end up with matches between the “Screaming Zucchini” and the “Justlin’ Jalapenos”  or between the “Nutmeg” and the “Peppercorns”.  Just roll with it.  

Fall 2024 - Monsters
Since the fall season ends around Halloween, the fall season's T-shirt theme will be MONSTERS!  So here is the deal.  We want to encourage kids to make drawings of monsters from which we can make up the 50 - 60 teams.  They can be new drawings of classic monsters or new drawings of brand new monsters designed by kids.  Your drawing does not need to be fancy. Your player can draw a monster with a crayon on lined notebook paper.  (They may draw in color, but please inform them that we print in single color for affordability ofshirts.)  You can take a pic with your phone, and send it in, and it will be considered.  To have your drawing considered, please send an email to the following address:

[email protected]

The email subject should contain the phrase - 2024 Fall Monsters - Child's Name - Monster Name
The email should contain:
Child's name:
Monster Name:
Any additional Notes: (For instance, the monster could  be throwing a car or attacking a city)
A phone picture or scan of the drawing: (Preferred File Types:   jpg, png, heic, or pdf.  )

We'll get to work, and maybe you will be immortalized  on an HYR T-shirt.  (If your child's monster drawing is actually a drawing of YOU looking scary ;-) 

Summer 2024 - Ancient Civilizations
2024 baseball team shirt theme and team shirt pics v1.pdf

Spring 2024 - HYR Eats
hyr 2024 spring soccer t-shirt theme and pictures.pdf

Winter 2024 - HYR Plays
2024 hyr winter sports team name theme description.pdf

Fall 2023  - HYR Invents
2023 hyr fall soccer team name theme description.pdf

Summer 2023 - HYR Outdoors
hyr 2023 baseball t-shirt theme and pictures.pdf

Spring 2023 - HYR Composes
2023 hyr spring soccer team name theme description.pdf


Summer 2022 HYR T-shirt Picture Challenge

HYR T-shirt picture challenge:  I love being out in the community and seeing kids wearing their HYR shirts.  I have reports from families whose kids have accumulated a dozen different HYR team shirts and plot their day on which team to represent: team Hogwarts, Doohickeys, Vegemite, Pop Tarts, Nutmeg, or Spamalot. 

So this summer, if you are going someplace interesting in Louisville or beyond, send us a picture of your player rocking a Hammy Sammy shirt at the beach, a Goosebumps at the lake, a Barbaloots in the mountains, a Huevos Rancheros at the pool, or wherever you happen to be going.  (Send to [email protected])  We’ll compile and send out the results.  Look below to see the first entry:  A 2022 Baseball Cheesy Biscuits (Patrick Fitzgerald) and a 2019 Soccer Screamin’ Zucchini (Daughter Riley Fitzgerald) in the Rocky Mountains. 

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