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Updated September 19, 2021

We had a fabulous opening day on Saturday the 18th, albeit a sweltering one.  I'm happy to not e that cooler temperatures are predicted to be on the way for this week.  Some rain mid-week may cause some practice concerns. but the long range forecasy for Saturday the 25th is sunny and a high of 76 degrees.  Yes, please!

Picture Day Saturday, September 25th:  Next Saturday is picture day.  Directly after each game, the teams will all meet up near the HYR entrance for team pictures.  Please have the kids brush their teeth and floss so that they can flash those pearly whites for the camera.  Many of these pictures will make it in to their photo montage at their wedding rehearsal dinner many years from now, so let's make sure they look their best.   For any player who is missing on the 25th, we will get their picyture in a subsequest week, and dub them in to the team picture.  It is not perfect, but often surprisingly better than you would expect. 

Team Shirts:   There have been a ton of last minute additions to the league.  In accommodating those additions, some teams did not have anough shirts for opening day.  I have asked the coaches to let me knw their re-orders early so we can get the next batch of shirts in.  We have sent a request to the coaches to tell me what shirts they need for their teams, and we will use that to get the re-order right please communicate all shirt requests through the coach rather than the league director.  Thanks. .  If your player has not received a team shirt yet or has not recived one the right size, please have your player wear a shirt of their own as close to the team colors as possible. The team colors can be seen below:
2021 fall hyr team shirt pics v2.pdf

NO HYR Picnic this fall:  Out of pendemic concerns, our fall picnic has been canceled.  We hope the conditions are right to host one in the spring.  

LOCATION - ATHERTON HIGH SCHOOL:    For all players registered, all practices and games are at Atherton High School.  There are 2 entrances to Atherton.  Please look at the map below.  The GPS is 3000 Dundee Road .  HYR has been requested to park in the teacher parking lot.  (If you pull in by the gymnasium and the tennis courts, you are at the wrong entrance.)  Please park only in approved parking spaces.

The weekend game schedules are posted on the team central portion of the web site.   Below is an export of the schedule.

hyr 2021 fall soccer master schedule.pdf

HYR Soccer Equipment: HYR provides a T-shirt, and you pretty much provide the rest.  Please review HYR Soccer list of equipment below. 

hyr soccer equipment list.pdf

Covid-19 Protocols:  HYR Will not require players to wear masks on the field.  To read the HYR Covid-19 policy, please click the link below.


HYR utilizes volunteers whenever possible to keep the wheels in motion.  Please check out some of the times on the Signup link and see how you can help.  Thanks!
HYR sign up link 

Meet HYR Director Patrick Fitzgerald
Not sure who I am?  Click the link below.  I hope to meet you on the field soon.
hyr director patric fitzgerald.pdf

Please leave your dogs at home!
HYR asks that you do not bring any pets to HYR practices or games.  For a complete look at the school and HYR policy, please click the link below:
HYR Dog Policy

Read more in-depth descriptions of each soccer division:
hyr division descriptions.pdf

Watch the videos describing the difference between the divisions
Division 1 - Parent Player Academy
Watch the Parent Player Academy Video
Divisions 2 - 6
Watch the HYR Division Difference and Coach Promo

Also, if you don't see the answers below that you are looking for, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions below:



If you are trying to register and do not see programs available, please log in first.  Complete Registration instructions can be found below
hyr registration instructions.pdf

HYR  Soccer offers divisions for youth ages 4 through 16.

Division 1: Parent Player Academy - 4 year old players and their families
Division 2: 5 year old and beginner 6-year old players
Division 3: Experienced 6 year-old players and 7-year old players. 
Division 4: 8 and 9 year-old players. 
Division 5: 10-12 year old players. 
Division 6: 13 - 16 year-old players. 

Division 1 meets once per week on Saturday or occasionally Sunday mornings between 10 AM and Noon. 
Divisions 2 - 5 meet for one 1-hour practice on a weeknight at either 5:30 or 6:30 PM.  (Typically, but not always, the younger divisions practice at 5:30, and the older divisions practice at 6:30.  It is based on the schedule of the volunteer coaches.)
Divisions 2 - 5 almost always have at least one practice option every night Monday through Thursday.  (Friday night practices are the least requested)  You indicate the nights you can NOT practice when filling out the registration form,  and we do our best to honor your requests.    
Divisions 2 - 5 play games on Saturdays or occasionally Sundays with a randomized schedule between 9 AM and 4 PM.
Division 6   practices on either of 2 nights  per week  on a couple different weekday nights to be determined at 6:30 PM and play games in the late afternoon every Saturday or Sunday.  

Almost all practices and games are at Atherton High School 3000 Dundee Road.  Occasional HYR practices are relocated when Atherton has a large school event on an HYR practice night.  

HYR will be following to best available guidance for outdoor youth sports for prevention of the spread of Covid-19 at the start of the season and will update during the season if public guidance changes.

HYR Provides a T-shirt for the team your child is registered to play on. It is the family's responsibility to provide the player with shin guards and soccer socks that cover the shin guards. Soccer cleats are optional but are recommended for players 5 and up.  HYR has a bin with recycled cleats it keeps at the field on game days.

At the end of the season, each player receives a participation award and a team picture. Practices and games are at Atherton High School 3000 Dundee Road. An occasional practice will be off-site as dictated by Atherton events schedule. In the event of a relocated practice, more than one-week notice will be given.

Team Name Themes:  Since we did not pass out the team shorts before we shut wown fr the pandemic, we already have all the team shorts made up, and the division themes are already decided.  Division 1: Microorganisma, Division 2: Wildflowers, Div 3: Spices, Div 4 Musical Instruments, Divisions 5 and 6: Broadway Musicals.  See the t-shirt pictures below
2021 fall hyr team shirt pics.pdf

Check out the linked documents directly below:





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