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HYR Basketball and Futsal Page
Updated December 1st, 2022

We are looking forward to having Basketball and Futsal this winter.  Registration is live now at 

The schedule is as follows:
Registration is live through the end of December, 2022. 
Registration is for players age 5 through 13 for basketball and futsal.  (Futsal is indoor soccer in a gym. )
All of our teams are CO-ED.  
Players can register for both sports if they choose. 
Players will be Notified of team placement by January 6, 2023
There will be a coach clinic on January 7, 2023. 
Practices wil begin the week of January 9, 2023.  
Each player will have one practice per week on a weeknight at either 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM through February 24, 2023.  
Game days will be on 7 consecutive Saturdays January 14 through February 25, 2023.  
Stay tuned for registration announcements via email and on this web site.  
We will also send home school flyers and place yard signs.
All games and practices will be either at Highland Middle School or Douglass Blvd Christian Church. 

Map of Highland Middle School Directly Below


Map of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church Directly Below:

Below this line is from the January and February , 2022 season

HYR Final Week of Winter Season:  Closing Day is March 5th: 

Basketball and Futsal Games are on the schedule for February 26th and March 5th, and the schedule is listed directly below.  

hyr 2022 winter schedule - final 2 weeks.pdf


Practices are scheduled for the same times as normal for the week of February 28-March 3 with a BIG EXCEPTION.   Highland Middle has the small gym  reserved (We call it Court 3) next week during our practices in the event that their outdoor sports practices need to move indoors.  Each day, we will check in with them and verify.  As of Friday the 25th, the weather forecast for that week is beautiful, warm, and dry outside, so we may luck out.  Check your email on the afternoon of practice to make sure there is not a last minute relocation, or cancellation.  


We need volunteer help to get the indoor season shut down correctly and to hel prepare for the outdoor season.  Please check the signup link below and see if any of the times would work for you to donate a couple hours.  (HYR only has one employee, and he really appreciates anything you can assist with.)  

HYR Volunteer Sign Up Link


Also, for anyone who wants to donate outgrown soccer cleats or shin guards (OUTDOOR CLEATS ONLY - NO INDOOR SOCCER SHOES) , please bring them to your basketball or futsal game on one of the last 2 Saturdays.  We can put them to good use.  Thanks. 

HYR Team Picture Day was Saturday, February 12th 2022.  We took pictures of all the teams. 

For anyone who missed team pictures, we have a method for getting retakes of individual kids taken in subsequent weeks and "dubbing in" the missing kids.  I collected individual photos of many kids on February 19th, and I will attempt to coolect more on February 26th.  See the guide below:


HYR is now signing up for the Spring Soccer Season in March and April.  Check out the HYR Soccer Page for full details:

HYR Soccer Page

Here is the picture of all the team shirts and colors. 

2022 winter hyr team shirt pics.pdf

Map of Highland Middle School Directly Below

Map of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church Directly Below:

HYR Winter Coach Contact Info

There are over 80 coaches this winter season.  We have 2 ways to look them up listed below by practice night or team name.  

hyr winter basketball and futsal coaches sorted by practice night.pdf

hyr winter basketball and futsal coaches sorted by team name.pdf

Covid Protocol: 

No one knew a year ago just how familiar we would all get with obscure letters of the Greek Alphabet.  Every piece of media we consume now has an update on the newest covid variants, cases per day, hospitalizations, etc.  The HYR Steering Committee has agreed on an updated policy that ALL people in indoor facilities for HYR practices and games (including players actively playing) will need to be masked.  

Please be patient with your players and coaches and  expect that some parents, kids, and coaches will miss some times because of Covid quarantining. 

hyr covid-19 policy for indoor sports - december 31 2021.pdf

Here is the list of what equipment HYR provides and what each player should provide. 

HYR Basketball and Futsal Equipment List

At Highland Middle School, there is a large gym and a small gym.  We can play 2 simultaneous games in the large gym by playing in the smaller (sideways) dimension.   At Highland Middle School, we will have the extra challenge that the gym is connected to the school, and bathrooms are in the school hallways.  We will need to establish volunteers to make sure kids do not go past the areas we are allowed to be in.  More on this as it develops. 
Map of Highland Middle School Directly Below

At Douglass Boulevard Christian Church, there is only 1 gym. 
Map of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church Directly Below:

All the basketball goals at both facilities are fixed at 10'.  We brought in rollaway basketball goals for the basketball divisions with players under 10 years old and we will bring in futsal fold-up goals for futsal games.   


Upon Registration, many people checked the box asking how they can help with some of the many league functions that need to be done.  Thanks to those who clicked.  But it does not stop with the click.   Below is the link to the Signup Genius where you can volunteer to assist with league functions:

HYR Volunteer Sign Up Link

  • Each team will have 1 practice and 1 game per week for 7 weeks
  • Practices will either be at 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
  • The first practice week is the week of January 10th
  • Practices and games will be at Highland Middle School or Douglass Boulevard Christian Church
  • Games will be Saturdays between 9 AM and 3 PM
  • Opening day is Saturday, January 15th
  • Closing day is Saturday, February 26th

Here are the latest versions of the Futsal and Basketball Rules



To, to see a video describing what each HYR division is like plus what it takes to coach, please click below:
HYR Basketball and Futsal Division Descriptions and Coach Needs

If you are unfamiliar with the HYR philosophy of equal playing time for all players and not emphasizing the score during games, please check it out below:
HYR Philosophy
If you are trying to register and do not see programs available, please log in first.  Complete Registration instructions can be found below
hyr registration instructions.pdf

The cost per season is $94.  (The gym rental fees and equipment costs far outweighed those of outdoor soccer. )  A Late fee of $10 will be added beginning Deccember 23rd.  If you are requesting financial assistance, please contact [email protected] 

  • HYR will offer both Basketball and Futsal
  • The league will be open to players age 5 through 16
  • The season will run January 10 through February 26, 2022
  • HYR will host a "Gym Day" at Highland Middle School on Saturday, December 18th from 9 AM - Noon
For players to test out the larger of the 2 winter facilities, HYR is sponsoring a "Gym Day" at Highland Middle School on Saturday, December 18th from 9 AM until noon.  If any player wants to shoot around, kick around, etc, this is the perfect time.  Also, if any parent would like advice on if their player should move "up" or "down" a division from their actual age, this would be a perfect time to get some face time with other kids, a coach, or the league director and figure out the right answer.  This is not an exact rule, but generally speaking let's shoot for kids between 5 and 8 years old in the 9 - 10 AM hour, kids between 8 and 10 years old in the 10 - 11 AM hour, and kids 10 and older in the 11AM - noon hour.  Also, coordinate to show up at the same time as your player's friends.  

  • HYR is always looking for volunteer coaches 
  • Volunteer coaches will receive a registration discount
HYR Could not exist without volunteer coaches.  Over 90% of our coaches are parents of players on their team and their kids friends. Coaches are give first choice of selecting practice nights and times. Percentage-wise, we need a higher percentage of acoaches in the winter since the team sizes are smaller.  Coaches also get the first pick of the approved team names. 

There is a $35 discount for being a head coach and a $20 discount for being an assistant coach.  To receive the coupon code, please contact [email protected]  If you register to be a coach and missed the code, I can refund you the appropriate discount after the fact. 

Team Name Themes:  One of the quirks of HYR is that we usually have uncommon team names.  That's why you hay have a game between the screamin' Zucchini and the Justlin' Jalapenos, Paprika vs. Nutmeg, or Zambonis vs.  Zepplins.  We have gone 5 years without repeating a team name or theme, and we do not intend to change course yet.   We had a team theme survey up  December 3rd.   The votes are in, and the themes are :  (DRUMROLL PLEASE):

Basketball:  The team names this year will be Sandwiches.  (You know, BLT, French Dip, Mufuletta, etc.)  To see the shirt designs, click the link below:
2022 hyr basketball t-shirt designs and shirt colors v2.pdf

Futsall:  The team names this year will be Objects of indeterminate function.  (You know,Widgets, Gizmos, Doohickeys, etc.)  To see the shirt designs, click the link below:
2022 hyr futsal t-shirt designs and shirt colors.pdf

  • School Flyers were distributed the week after Thanksgiving
But if you are here , you are already halfway there, amiright?

  • HYR is be looking for T-shirt sponsors
Do you own a small business?  Does your company want to give back and receive a little advertising as well?  HYR Charges $500 for a 4" logo on the back of the jerseys (Maybe 350 shirts).  HYR charges $250 for a 2" logo on teh back of the shorts.  There are also sandwich boards set up at each facility  with sponsor logos, and they are also featured on the HYR Web Site.  We will need to have the sponsor list finalized by December 10th.  Contact [email protected] for more information.    

Looking forward to catching up with everyone on the court soon. 


Patrick Fitzgerald
HYR Director
Highlands Youth Recreation








Is this Upward basketball? 
No.  St. Paul was an Upward Basketball league for several years  Since 2019 Highlands Youth Recreation (HYR) has been running a basketball and futsal league.

What is futsal?
Futsal is much like indoor soccer played on a gym floor.  It is popular all over the world.   Although the game rules are nearly identical to soccer, the size of the court make it a more finessed game of small touches and short crisp passes.    It prepares players very well for better ball handling when returning to outdoor soccer.   (Look up “Youth Futsal” on YouTube for examples)

How can I sign up?
Sign up is on line at  If it is your first season with HYR, start by clicking the "Register" button in the upper right hand corner.  If you have registered for previous HYR seasons playing other sports, click the "Sign Up" button in the upper right-hand corner. 

How much does it cost for a season?
The cost is $67 for the season. 

When is the sign up period? 
You can sign up through December 29th at $67.  Beginning Sunday, December 29th,  there will be a $10 late fee added, and placement is not guaranteed. 

When is the season?
The season runs from January 6 through February 29, 2020.

How many practices and games each week?
There will be one practice and one game per week. 

When will I find out my team assignment and practice night?
HYR Will take all of the registration info on December 29, 2019 and start the team-building process. We will finish the team building process by the end of January 1, 2019 and let families know their team assignment and practice night on January 2, 2019.  (Practices begin the week of January 6th.) 

 What does HYR provide?  

HYR provides a basketball tank top or a futsal T-shirt and a picture and award at the end of the season.  Players' families provide their own shorts, socks and shoes for basketball, or their own shorts, soccer socks, shin guards, and shoes for futsal.  

What kind of gym is in the facility?
The St. Paul gym is a 80'  long x 50' wide full court basketball court that can play two 50' x 40' games sideways simultaneously for the majority of the games.  The floor is tile.  For those games, court 1 is the court closest to the stairwell, and court 2 is the farthest from the stairwell.  When basketball and futsal games are played simultaneously, two nets that are 9 feet tall separate the futsal game on court 2 and the basketball game on court 1.  
If we have more basketball teams than futsal teams, we may run basketball on both court 1 and 2 for part of the day.  
Depending on the number of players signed up, we plan to run the oldest futsal players full court.  Please see the St. Paul diagram on the HYR Basketball/Futsal Page.

Where are the bathrooms and water fountains?
Hey, guess what? You do not have to use a port-o-potty or bring your water bottle.  At the top of the stairs, going away from the main gym entrance in the opposite direction, there is a water fountain between a men's room and a women's room. 

Can I bring snacks to the game?
St. Paul has asked us not to bring food or drink into the gym.  We rent the gym, and that includes cleaning the facility afterward.  Please have any snacks before entering or after leaving the facility.  Thanks.  

When will practices be? 
Practices will begin January 7th and will be on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday between 6:00 PM and 8:30 PM for 45 minutes or 1 hour.   

When will games be?
Games will be for 1 hour on Saturdays at a randomized schedule between 9 AM and 4 PM.   It will likely skew towards younger players playing earlier and older players playing later. 

What about inclement weather?
If Jefferson County Public Schools is off school, practices that night will also be canceled.  If a Friday snow day occurs, or if there is weekend snow or ice, HYR will be in touch with St. Paul and advise the league by 7:30 AM on Saturday morning the status of games. 

How many players on a team?
Basketball and Futsal both play 5 players on the court.  Depending on the number of players registered, teams will have between 7 and 10 players on the roster. 

The ages are general guidelines.  Your player may be a big 6 year-old, a small 7 year-old, etc.  Our goal is to get players playing at a skill level comparable top their teammates.  (Size seems to be a bigger factor in basketball than futsal.)   If you feel like your player would do better to "play up" or "play down" to the next division that is different than their actual age, please send an email to Patrick Fitzgerald: [email protected]

 What type of defense will be played?

Because of clustering issues in youth basketball with players still learning to dribble and learning the rules of the game, we will enforce a 1 to 1 defense.  Teams will not be allowed to play zone defense. The way this is enforced is that players will wear a colored wrist band  (red, green, blue, etc.) the opposing team will also have a corresponding player wearing the same color wrist band.  The red player guards the opposing red player, blue to blue, green to green, etc. 

In addition, there will be no back court defense allowed in basketball.  After a score, the team with the ball will be allowed to advance the ball past mid-court before the defense can guard their players. 

If clustering becomes an issue in division 1 or 2 futsal, a similar rule may be put in place. 

What is the height of the basketball goals?
The goals at St. Paul are adjustable between 8’ and 10’ high.  Although this may get tweaked, we intend to start the practices with Division 1 playing on 8’ goals, Division 2 playing on 9’ goals, and all other divisions playing at 10’.

What size are the basketballs? 
Division 1 and 2 will play with rainbow colored basketballs that are 27 inch in circumference. 
Divisions 3 and 4 will play with orange and white basketballs that are 28.5 inches in circumference.

What is the size of the futsal goals?
Our futsal goals are 2 meters high x 3 meters wide.  Although the width of the goal is adjustable.

Divisions 1 and 2 will play on goals at 2 meters wide. 
Divisions 3 and 4 will play on goals at 3 meters wide.

What size are the futsal balls?

Futsal balls are designed to bounce less than a traditional soccer ball, are a little bit heavier and smaller. 
Game balls will be size 3 for divisions 1 and 2.
Game balls will be size 4 for divisions 3 and 4. 


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