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HYR Referee Page - Updated 4/25/2024

The Referee Schedule for April 27th is below.

hyr ref schedule 2024-04-27.pdf



Below the following line is from the fall Soccer Season

Quick Note to HYR Referees and youth coaches.  The second and final paycheck of the HYR Fall Soccer season arrived for all, and I have them at my house.   Last spring when they went in the mail, we had 5 or 6 that were not received by referees, and we had to cancel and re-issue those 5 or 6.  I live in the Highlands at 2513 Blvd Napoleon, and I can make arrangements to coordinate with those of you in the neighborhood for an easy dropoff by me or pickup by you.  I can also mail some of them who live across town, but I'll want a confirmation that you want it mailed and a confirmation that you received it when it arrives.  Please let me know how you want to get them. 


Also, the HYR Winter and Futsal basketball season begins the second week of January. The registration for being a winter referee is online now.   There will be an HYR Referee Clinic on Saturday, January 6th from noon - 2 PM that will be a mandatory orientation session.  Please sign up to referee the winter season if interested and available at

Looking forward to reconnecting soon


The map of Highland Middle School is below:


The map of St. Pau and Douglass Blvd Christian Church  is below:


Each Referee should have the following standard HYR Equipment:

Here is the HYR Rule Card for Soccer Division 2
HYR Soccer D2 Rule Card

Here is the HYR Rule Card for Soccer Division 3
HYR Soccer D3 Rule Card

Here is the HYR Rule Card for Soccer Division 4
HYR Soccer D4 Rule Card

Here is the HYR Rule Card for Soccer Division 5
HYR Soccer D5 Rule Card

Here is a video that explains the Offsides rule:
Video Explaining Offsides

Below this line are items from a previous season:

To Sign Up for Shifts for future weeks, please use the signup link below:

HYR Referee Signup Link

We would like for all referees to sign up for all shifts they are available to work for the whole season.  Since many of the referees have been on their parents' registration as players, we are asking the parents who read this email to prompt them as well.  As a family, please discuss their extracurricular activities for the fall and go ahead and sign up for all shifts they are interested in working for the fall season.  It is seven dates (six Saturdays, and one Sunday, October 8th).  

If the referee is also a player, please have them look at the schedule and not sign up for the same half of the day where their game lies.  (If they have a morning game, they could referee the afternoon.  If they have an afternoon game, they could referee in the morning.)

Not everyone will be scheduled for every shift they sign up for, but we need to know everyone's availability before making up the schedule.  This week, we will publish the schedule by 1 PM on Friday.  

A couple extra notes:  
1. If the referee is on the parent's HYR account and the referee has ther own email account, please send it to hyr@hcmlouisville so we can make sure it is added to our current list. 
2. Please do not sign up for a shift where you can only work part of the shift.  (i.e. "I signed up for the afternoon shift, but I have to leave at 3 for another commitment. "  In that case, don't sign up for that shift. 
3.  Sign in and sign out with Genevieve Holtsclaw at the beginning of each shift.  Please remember that before leaving, the correct answer is always "What else can I do?" or "Do you need anything else?".  (That's true of every job you will ever have.)
4.  Pay periods will be every 2 or 3 weeks during he season. Patrick will hand out checks in person on the week when they come in. 

Below this line is from fall soccer

HYR Referees are usually middle or high school students who are paid to referee HYR soccer, baseball, basketball, and futsal games.  They are paid houly as contractors of Highlands Community Ministries.  To sign up to be an HYR Referee, potential referees register on line at the HYR Web Site.  Referees should register using their own email and phone number.  Referees should not be relying solely on a parent's email or phone number. 

Referees will need to fill out requested shifts in advance on a Sign Up Genius Page.  Signing up does not guarantee that the shift will be available.     We typically need about 10 referees for the 8 AM - 12:30 PM shift and 7 referees for the 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Shift. 

1. Actually register for the season:  It is just like you are registering as a player.  It takes 2 minutes.   Please read the following instructions below if you need help.
 hyr referee registration instructions.pdf

2.  Use the signup genius to sign up for specific shifts you would like to work.   Again, Signing up does not guarantee that the shift will be available.  That link is below. 
HYR Referee Sign Up for Shifts

HYR Referees are paid $10.00 per hour for their first season and $11.00 per hour for subsequent seasons.  Paychecks are issued every 2 weeks, and they will have a breakdown of the hours worked.  
To keep a common set of expectations between HYR coaches and referees, we will be asking referees to carrd rule cards, and the coaches have access to the same card they can either print or have access via their phone. 


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