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HYR Philosophy and Frequently Asked Questions

HYR is a community-based developmental league designed to help players develop skills for and love of outdoor play and their sport in particular.   All HYR sports are co-ed and are broken into divisions roughly by age, but more intended to be by skill level to keep the level of competition relatively even within a division. 

We have compiled a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about HYR. The information goes beyond the visible part of the page, but if you click Control-F and then type a search word, the search bar will highlight all examples of the search word. 


What sports does HYR offer?

Typically, HYR offers the following:

Futsal and Basketball in January and February.

Spring Soccer in March and April.

Summer Baseball in May and June

Fall Soccer in September and October. 

What age players does HYR serve? 

It depends on the sport and at times the specific season, but:

Soccer Age 4 - 16

Baseball/T-Ball Age 5-13

Futsal: Age 5 - 16

Basketball: Age 5-16

What is the cost for an HYR season?

As of the fall of 2021, the cost is $72 per player with a $3 discount for each sibling registered. 

Are there tryouts?

No, there are no tryouts.  At the end of a season, coaches evaluate a players’ skill level for the potential of team balance in future seasons.    

What locations does HYR Use?

HYR Soccer is at Atherton High School. 3000 Dundee Road. 

HYR Baseball is at Highland Middle School. 1700 Norris Place. 

HYR Basketball and Futsal are at Highland Middle School (1700 Norris Place), Douglass Blvd Christian Church (2005 Douglass Boulevard), and sometimes St. Paul United Methodist Church (2000 Douglass Boulevard)  and  the Douglass Community Center (23805 Douglass Blvd).

What size fields do players play on?

Soccer and baseball field sizes are adjusted to the size and age of the players.  For example,  4 year old soccer players play on an 80’ x 40’ field while 16 year old soccer players play on a 300’ x 150’ field with various sizes in between. 

Are there Bathrooms at the HYR Fields? 
Yes.  We have a map of each facility we play at, but here is the breakdown site by site in narrative form. 
Atherton High School: There is a Port-o-jon off the teacher parking lot behind a brick wall by the dumpsters.  We have a sign that points to the left as you enter through the gate toward the field. 
Highland Middle: There is a Port-o-jon in the back left corner of the field between the school and the fence.
St. Paul: There is a 2nd floor hallway at the top of the stairs opposite the gym door that leads to a mens and womens rest room.  (There are bathrooms directly underneath them as well on the first floor.)
Douglass Blvd Christian Church: The bathrooms are off the court near the opposite corner of the court from the entrance. 

Does HYR Keep Score?

HYR does not officially keep score at any of its games.  Many players and parents keep track of the score, and that is okay, but we do not feature a scoreboard.  

Do all players play an equal amount?

HYR coaches are instructed to give all players even playing time regardless of skill level.  Of course, coaches will attempt to strategically field a competitive team at all times while using all players. 

What is the vibe like at HYR games?

Well, thanks for that groovy question. Since HYR is not overly competitive, we expect players to exhibit good sportspersonship at all times, congratulate each other, and enjoy playing the game together.  Similarly, parents spread out picnic blankets or camp chairs, chat, cheer for all players, and make new friends.  Parents do not yell and scream too much, and they never get so invested in a call or the game to embarrass their kids in front of their peers. 

Can I bring my dog to an HYR game?

Please do not.  Despite how well-behaved your dog is, many kids are scared of dogs, dog mess on the fields is the worst, and our host facilities have been very clear that dogs and youth sports do not mix on their campuses. 

What is the team size?

HYR roster sizes attempt to be no larger than twice the number of players on the field to ensure maximum playing time:


Division 2: 5 players per side.  No goalie. 

Division 3: 6 players per side including goalie.

Division 4: 7 players per side including goalie

Division 5: 9 players per side including goalie

Division 6: 11 players per side including goalie

Basketball and Futsal: 

5 players per side


unlimited players per side.


9 players per side

How does HYR attempt to balance teams?

HYR honors as many sibling and friend requests as possible, but when flexibility exists, HYR uses coach evaluations of players to build roughly equal teams. 

What equipment does HYR provide?

Soccer: HYR provides a team shirt. Players are responsible for providing soccer pants, soccer socks,  shin guards, and we recommend a ball for practice.  Cleats are recommended for players 5 and up.  We collect gently used cleats and make them available to players during the first week of practice. 

Baseball:  HYR provides a team shirt and a baseball cap.  Players are responsible for bring their own baseball glove, and many kids bring the bat they prefer, but we have bats and helmets for each team.  Cleats are recommended for players 6 and up. 

Basketball: HYR provides a team shirt. Players are responsible for providing shorts and court shoes.  

Futsal: HYR provides a team shirt. Players are responsible for providing soccer shorts, soccer socks,  shin guards, and court shoes. 

What does an HYR season schedule look like?

Each season is between 6 and 8 weeks long and features one practice and one game per week.  Practice is one hour per week on an evening mostly of the family’s choosing.  Practices are between 5:30 PM and 8 PM depending on the team. Games are mostly on Saturdays with an occasional Sunday.  Weekend games are between 9 AM and 4 PM. 

What is the Parent Player Academy?

HYR’s program for 4 year-old players is called the Parent Player Academy.  In this program, a 4 year-old player is given their first exposure to soccer in an age-appropriate manner through the use of exercises, drill, and game simulation led by instructors who have experience working with young children.  The parents participate in the exercises and drills with the players allowing the players to experience sports and physical activity in a safe and family friendly atmosphere.

Children participating in the Parent Player Academy practice on Saturday mornings during the soccer season at either the 10 AM or 11 AM sessions.  

Who coaches HYR teams?

HYR uses almost entirely volunteer coaches. Most coaches are parents of players.  Some coaches have lots of experience, and some do no.  HYR offers a coaching clinic and a coaching manual to assist future coaches get on their feet.  HYR offers discounts at registration to coaches and assistant coaches.  The fact that the coaches are volunteers keeps HYR costs low.  

Do parents stay at practice?

HYR parents are expected to stay at practices at games and assist coaches as necessary.  If a parent will be having their child carpool to practice with another family, the parent or guardian bringing the child should assume the responsibility for their own child plus the ones they transport.  In the case of an injury, the coach need not be responsible for locating the parent or guardian. 

HYR has a large population of international players, and values the diversity that brings to the league.  Many of the players have come to HYR through partnerships between HYR and Kentucky Refugee Ministries and the Backside Learning Center.   HYR provides transportation to a large number of players and assists with finding cleats and other soccer equipment for those players. 

Who Referees HYR Games?

HYR Referees are usually high school students who formerly played for HYR.  It is a paid position.  If your child is interested in refereeing, please have them contact [email protected].  It is the first job for many young people, and it can be a lot of fun.  It can also be stressful if coaches, parents, and players yell at the refs for doing their best.  So please respect the calls on the field, and let coaches calmly discuss rules and call with the referees during clock stoppage, not in the heat of the moment.  

Does HYR offer Financial Assistance?

Yes, HYR does have scholarships available for players who need assistance paying for a season.  Contact the league administrator at hyr@hcmlouisville for more details. 

What is the relationship between HYR and Kentucky Refugee Ministries?

Since 2017, HYR has offered scholarships for children of KRM families to play for free, and in many cases, HYR has provided transportation to practices and games when vehicles and drivers are available. Some families also sign up for our “Futbol Friends” program and transport KRM players on their child’s team to practices and/or games.  For more information, please contact [email protected]

What do players receive at the end of the season?

At the end of the season, each player receives a participation award and an 8x10  team picture.  For players under 10, the award is a medal on a ribbon, and for older players, they receive a gift card to the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen worth an ice cream cone. 

Where do the HYR team names come from? 

Since 2017, HYR team names have been an attempt to be fun, sometimes goofy, sometimes educational, and hopefully not boring.  We also try extremely hard not to have team names that are the same as a professional team (meaning boring).  We have not repeated a team name in nearly 5 years.  The team themes might range from insects to trees to herbs and spices to Broadway musicals. We usually get a survey going before a season and get kids to vote on themes and team names.  So we often end up with matches between the “Screaming Zucchini” and the “Justlin’ Jalapenos”  or between the “Nutmeg” and the “Peppercorns”.  Just roll with it.  

What is Hill Rolling?

During SPring and Fall soccer, the Atherton campus has these glorious hills between the field levels.  Kids have always rolled down the hills for fun, so in 2017, we formalized it. At noon on game days, the director blows an air horn, in between the division 2 and division 3 fields, and kids and adults come from across any field to roll down the hill for a couple minutes.  It’s sort of a reminder that soccer is just a game, and we are all there to just have a little fun.  And like in the last question, just roll with it.  (Pun intended)

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