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Updated July 1, 2022

Summer HYR Update: Camps, Assistant Director, Steering Committee, Cleat Collection and more

Hello to our extended HYR family,

As July begins and people continue enjoy their summer break, we wanted to send out some news.  We have some July and August opportunities that might appeal to some of our players, and we wanted to preview the longer-range things for after summer break is over. 

Video Camp July 11-15:  Not sports related, but HCM and Beargrass are sponsoring a camp to teach students how to write, shoot, and edit video productions.  The camp is July 11 through 15 from  9 AM to 4 PM  The camp is aimed at students rising into 3rd through 8th grade, and the cost is $220 per student.  We had a really fun camp in June with 18 students.  To see a 2-minute highlights reel of the things the kids made at the June camp, click directly below:

To read more about the July camp, sign up, or browse materials from previous camps, please visit the Beargrass Media web site below.

Baseball and Soccer Camps:

We have some HYR parents with enthusiasm for baseball and soccer who have a proposal to do some camps this summer for interested players who want to improve their playing skills.  We have attached a 2-minute survey below:  Clicking the survey below is not signing up, it is rather a way to gauge interest and stay in the loop about potential offerings.  So if you have any interest at all, please take the 2 minutes to engage below.  Thanks!

HYR Assistant Director:  I have been the HYR Director for 5 ½ years.  Before that, I coached HYR for about 15 years and played for 5 years when I was a kid. I am the only paid HYR employee.  We also rely on young paid referees and as much volunteer support as we can drum up.  HYR is exploring the possibility of hiring a part-time paid assistant director position.  We don’t have any details at this point, but the HYR steering committee will be looking at bringing on someone to share the load during the busiest times, so stay tuned as the summer progresses. 

HYR Steering Committee:  HYR is part of Highlands Community Ministries (HCM).  Each HCM Program has a Steering Committee that helps it make decisions.  HYR will be looking for additional volunteer members of its steering committee this summer/fall.  The HYR Steering committee meets about 3 times per year, so it is not a huge time commitment, but it is extremely helpful to HYR to have input.  If you might be interested in helping keep HYR going, please get in touch via email.  Thanks. 


HYR T-shirt picture challenge:  I love being out in the community and seeing kids wearing their HYR shirts.  I have reports from families whose kids have accumulated a dozen different HYR team shirts and plot their day on which team to represent team Hogwarts, Doohickeys, Vegemite, Pop Tarts, Nutmeg, or Spamalot. 

So this summer, if you are going someplace interesting in Louisville or beyond, send us a picture of your player rocking a Hammy Sammy shirt at the beach, a Goosebumps at the lake, a Barbaloots in the mountains, a Huevos Rancheros at the pool, or whatever/wherever/whenever.  We’ll compile and send out the results.  Click below to see the first entry:  A 2022 Baseball Cheesy Biscuits and a 2019 Soccer  Screamin’ Zucchini in the Rocky Mountains.

And speaking of team shirts, we have a small group of parents who will be helping plan and design a whole fall soccer team shirt theme based on visual art.   

Cleat Collection:  HYR has collected used cleats and shin guards for the past several years that we make available for free to other HYR players.  We want to squeeze all the life out equipment when possible and save our families money when getting ready for a season.  We will hold a cleat and equipment exchange a week or so before the fall soccer season, so this summer as you are going through your back-to school routine of seeing what fits and what your kids have outgrown, please set outgrown equipment aside for HYR.  We can accept the items over the summer as a drop off, or you could bring them to the cleat exchange before the season and maybe find the next size up. 

Fall Soccer Signup begins August 1st:  And speaking of fall soccer, the season will be about the second week of September through the end of October.  The signup will begin on August 1st on our web site, and we will pass out school flyers at elementary schools when school starts. 

Winter Sports:  Hard to even imagine winter when heat indexes climb over 100, but just to think long-range, HYR offers Basketball and Futsal when winter comes.  Typically, we have signups begin around November 1st, and the seasons run in January and February. 

So we hope to see some of you or some pictures of you this summer, and if not then, we hope to see you on an HYR field or court in the next couple seasons. 


Patrick Fitzgerald

HYR Director
Highlands Youth Recreation


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